18 Standard Models to Choose From


Our fiberglass bait tanks feature the finest strength, durability and quality on the market today. Glossy get coat finish makes your bait tank look like a factory addition to your boat. Internal Baffle System for proper flow and drain, ensuring your BlueWater bait tank keeps bait alive for extended trips. Adjustable Drain Slide to change water level. Light Access Port to keep bait alive at night. Plumbing through the bottom for clean installation.

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Oval Bait Tanks

Many believe the best shape for a bait tank is completely round. The debate over this will probably go on forever. However, there are a couple of problems with this. The biggest is room. Cockpits in a boat are square or rectangular. Place a large circle in the middle of a square or a rectangle and you will find it will eat up all of your fishing room in a hurry. Add a few deck hatches, chairs, or an engine box and all of sudden the size of the circle that will fit gets pretty small. Pinch that circle into an oval and you have a shape that maximizes capacity, fits between hatches, and leaves you room to fish.
Oval Bait Tanks
Model Width Length Height Approx. Gal Description
BW38-O 17.5" 27.5" 30" 38 2 Scoop Oval
BW48-O 20.5" 30" 31" 48 3 Scoop Oval
BW65-O 22.5" 38" 32" 65 4 Scoop Oval
BW75-O 22.5" 41" 33" 75 5 Scoop Oval
BW100-O 24.5" 45" 33" 100 6.5 Scoop Oval
BW175-OD 30" 53" 36" 175 10 Scoop Oval - 2 Sides

Square & Rectangle Bait Tanks

We make square and rectangular tanks for one simple reason. Where they will fit on a boat? Some boats are limited in deck space or the owner may not want a tank in the center of their cockpit or on their swim step or the cockpit may be a little tight.

Rectangular tanks are deeper but narrower than our ovals, so in some cases this gains fishing or walk around room in the cockpit. Squares and rectangles fit up against bulkheads, in corners, or beside existing cabinets very well and they look like they belong there. Contrary to popular belief these tanks hold bait very well. Proper flow through the tank provides the bait with what they need, not shape. Square and rectangular shapes also allow us to build tackle centers and cabinets or, in the case of divided tanks, we can make bait tank/tackle center combinations.
Square & Rectangle Bait Tanks
Model Width Length Height Approx. Gal Description
BW40-S 21" 21" 30" 40 2.5 Scoop Square
BW55-R 21" 27" 32" 55 3.5 Scoop Rectangle
BW65-S 25" 25" 32" 65 4 Scoop Square
BW75-R 24" 32" 32" 75 5 Scoop Rectangle

Bow Bait Tanks

BlueWater offers several bow tank sizes. They generally come 18” tall, But can be made taller or shorter on request. In addition, bow tanks have a little taller false bottom to allow for scribing to a crowned deck.
Oval Bow Bait Tanks
Model Width Length Height Approx. Gal Description
17.5" 27.5" 18" 20 Oval Bow Tank
20.5" 30" 18" 25 Oval Bow Tank
22.5" 38" 18" 30 Oval Bow Tank
22.5" 41" 19" 35 Oval Bow Tank
24.5" 45" 19" 40 Oval Bow Tank
Square & Rectangle Bow Bait Tanks
Model Width Length Height Approx. Gal Description
21" 21" 18" 20 Square Bow Tank
21" 27" 18" 25 Rectangular Bow Tank
Square & Rectangle Bow Bait Tanks with Mackerel Tubes
Model Width Length Height Approx. Gal Description
22" 27.5" 18" 20 Oval with 2 Mackerel Tubes
25" 30" 19" 25 Oval with 2 Mackerel Tubes