Quality and Service first.

About Us

BlueWater Bait Systems is a company founded by Randy Wood. Randy is a licensed Boat Captain that has been fishing the West Coast from California to Mexico all his life.

In a quest to find a quality bait system Randy started building fiberglass bait systems over 25 years ago. He founded Offshore Bait Tanks which he sold years ago. With his background and drive to make a better product he started BlueWater Bait Systems.

BlueWater is built on the core value of Quality and Service first.


"Definitely give Randy Wood a call over at Blue Water Bait Systems. Best in the business."
BD Outdoors Member marlineer84
"Made a call and Randy had a tank on my boat within three hours...It's all about customer service."
BD Outdoors Member Crystaliner
"Ran into Randy at the Fred Hall Show. He gave me a killer deal, modified the tank, and hooked it up with a color match. Plus Randy delivered it to San Diego."
BD Outdoors Member SCOTCH
"Randy is a great guy to deal with, and has been in the bait tank business for the better part of forever."
BD Outdoors Member bouttime
"Call Randy at Bluewater. great tank, great price, and excellent service."
BD Outdoors Member catharsis
"Randy built and installed a bitchen tank for me."
BD Outdoors Member curt lj